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Is it true Paraguayan women marry foreigners eagerly

The issue whether Paraguayan women eagerly ready to marry foreigner has not been deeply discovered and we can’t judge here a lot or manipulate facts as if they were tendency. Well, we all know (although, maybe someone does not) Paraguay is the second poorest country in South America after Bolivia. How come it has happened this way? Paraguay is poor in natural resources, there are many deserts in the country and no enter to the sea to develop tourism. This affects local population much and women are not an acception. So what about these mysterious women of Paraguay and do they marry foreigners?

Foreigners know that women are dreaming to escape the countries where life conditions are hard. Many Westerners assume they could be great husbands to single Paraguayan women because of last mentioned about the country fact – poverty. Well, this cliché works in most of poor countries, but it does not really work in Paraguay. How come? It is not there is something wrong with women or their appearance or character. It is not about religion, traditions and morality. It is about the country of Paraguay which most of the tourists unfortunately prefer not to visit.

No foreign tourists – no new fresh air; no demand – no supply. Absence of tourists make the community of Paraguay (except for big cities) more closed. Many women here live in rural villages and most of them seldom visit big cities, like the capital Asunción. Sure, not all women live in the villages, there are pretty women on the streets of the big cities and some of them might dating and marrying foreigners, but this is not massive phenomenon. Although the situation could be changed.

Recently, foreigners have been interested in relatively inexpensive real estate in Paraguay. For example, living in a luxury villa in Paraguay costs the same as renting a small apartment in the average American metropolis. This contributes to the fact that many foreigners can come to Paraguay. And here it is already difficult to predict what will be the interaction with the local population.

If you are interested whether foreigners are able to marry women of Paraguay because you have found them attractive and (or just) family oriented what is important to you and you want to marry woman from Paraguay then just give it a try as there is nothing what could bother you to do that. Maybe only the language, but if you speak Spanish, you will succeed. You may fell in love with the representative of indigenous Guarani culture of Paraguay who speak Guaraní language only and you will have to learn it. Although, many Guarani people speak Spanish as well, so don’t worry.

Must admit, Paraguayan women show interest for Westerners as candidates for husbands. Men from West also are not indifferent to Paraguayan women because they are not morally spoiled, are very family oriented, show themselves as caring mothers and bring coziness to the family.

What is also very important, Paraguayan women are still curious about foreigners, they are ready to open them for cognition. In many other Latin American countries foreign tourists have already shown them in a bad way taking into consideration their attitude to local women. Hope, such situation won’t happen in Paraguay and it will remain nice country with the best women for wives ever.